Sunday, May 6, 2012


Joshua Eddy.

I hardly knew you.

But, I know your sister fairly well. And I’ve talked to your brother more than I’ve talked to you. We joked about a lady with hair that reminded both of us of a poodle. You were talking with your hands one time and accidentally smacked me. You tried it again to see what’d happen and I slapped you right back – on your sunburn. You knew so much about cameras and photography, for which I looked up to you. Even so, I didn’t know you that well.

Then why does this hurt so much?

Because I know your family. Your sister. Your brothers. I know the people who know you. And I know how much they adored you. I know how they respected you and admired you. I know how dedicated your relationship with God is. I know how you seem to pour everything you have into your work.

I know.

Perhaps I don’t know much. Perhaps all I see is a snippet of your life – a snapshot, a photograph of your life taken by some amazing photographer. But it’s the most amazing photo ever, seen through a filter of God’s love, grace and mercy. The lighting is perfect, showing me things that I might never have seen in lesser light. The composition shows me a depth and love that could never be explained with words. There are certain things set up in the frame of your photo that suggest at the little things that I might have overlooked, if not for that second glance.


You’ve inspired me. I don’t know how.  Leaning out over water, risking damage to your camera. Just for a good photo. I feel this drive, this need to go out. This need to love, live, give, grow, laugh, smile, and ooze the love of Christ.

Just like you did.

I hope God has a camera tucked away up in Heaven for you. Actually, you probably won’t need it – maybe, up in heaven, you can use words to paint a picture in the minds of others without even needing the photo.

Either way, Joshua Eddy, I know God is watching you. He is watching all of us. If you’re up in Heaven already, can you do me a favor?

Tell my Grandpa I said hi. His name’s Drake Noble.

Thanks – I really appreciate it. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. But instead, I’ll pour my life into the lives of others. Just like you did.

And my camera is going everywhere with me today.

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