Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Dream App...

                You’re late for school – again. You thought you had time for a quick run before you had to leave for school, but apparently you didn’t schedule correctly. After practically sprinting home, you barely had time to slap on some deodorant, grab your books, and speed off to class, tires squealing. Now, you’re stuck in class, all day, wearing your sweaty running clothes with your hair in a mess. It’s unfortunate you can’t just disappear – the last time you felt that way, you were in first grade. Brilliant.

                But fear not, dear student – you are not alone! Time management is something every student struggles with, myself included. Juggling activities between work, school, friends, and family can be tough, and it’s fairly common for students to neglect their sleep and food needs in order to make things happen.

                My dream app would be an app that allows you to plug in time slots for certain activities – activities like school, work, studying for that exam, and even sleeping and eating! Begin by plugging in what time you want to get up – for example, seven o’clock a.m. From there, it’s simple; you can get as detailed or un-detailed as you wish. If you want every second of your day to be spent doing something useful, give yourself five minutes to make your bed, five minutes to get dressed, and five minutes to feed your pets – make sure to turn on the alarm setting that causes your phone or iPod to alert you when you should be changing or getting ready to change activities. You can even customize your schedule day to day, week to week, or even month to month by accessing the calendar, where you can add special events and such.

                If you’re feeling lucky, you can go to the “Automatic selection” tab and simply plug in the activities you need to do in a day and give the app a certain amount of time you want to be spent on that activity. Tap the “Schedule” button and watch as the app arranges your activities, giving you time to sleep in, prepare healthy meals, and even a block of free time to spend doing whatever you want!

                The possibilities with this app are endless. You can customize your sleeping and eating times, class times, and even time slots labeled for extra-curricular activities. With the alarm setting you can make sure to be everywhere on time, including those parties you just can’t miss. Gone are the days spent scrambling for books, keys, purses and wallets and speeding through school zones.

                With this dream app, get ready to sleep as much as you need, study like you never have before, eat healthy, exercise, and kiss your tardiness goodbye!
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